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Sites which contain information about the negative hydrogen ion in nature, but not particularly in biological (life) forms:

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Sites which contain information about the negative hydrogen ion in nature,  particularly in biological (life) forms:

Consortia of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and particularly SAM Type 4 consortia were mentioned several times on this site. Beneficial microbial consortia of this type are used worldwide and have found uses in a number of different fields and areas of human endeavors.  It is likely safe to say that the single largest areas of utility of these SAM Type 4 microbial consortia are in agriculture (and even moreso within the realms of organic farming and sustainable farming), bioremediation of soil and water, waste management and odor control. To learn more about syntropic antioxidative microbial consortia in the SAM Type 4 category, please feel free to visit http://sam.vmicrobial.info/index.html#samtype4.


Commercially-available SAM Type 4-Fermented Antioxidant
Nutritional Supplements for Humans

There are now several fermented antioxidant nutritional supplement products (mostly liquid brews/beverages) brewed with SAM Type 4 microbial consortia available on the market, across the Western world, including the USA.  To learn more about such brews and vendors/producers, please see my syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) website.
Sites which contain information about raw foods diets, especially RVAF diets (raw vegetation and animal foods diets) or support for RVAF diet eaters:

The RawPaleoDiet website, at http://rawpaleodiet.vpinf.com, is an educational site on the Raw Paleolithic Diet.  It covers all aspects of raw foods diets which include raw animal foods, and includes a comprehensive overview of over 40 systems and books which promote such diets.  Includes a comparison of the most popular systems.

The All Raw Times website covers almost all aspects of raw diets, including raw foods diets which include animal products.  While not a primary source, but rather more of a reporting medium, you will almost always find at least a few articles on RAF/RVAF diets at this site.

While not a primary source, but rather a quarterly magazine devoted to raw foods diets, Natural Health Many-To-Many (M2M) magazine explicitly includes coverage and articles of raw foods diets which include animal products.

Ward Nicholson's Beyond Vegetarianism (aka "BeyondVeg") website, largely founded by raw foodists and ex-raw foodists, aims to look at diets which are more inclusive than raw vegan diets. While many of the possibilities examined are RVAF dietary approaches, there is also some advocacy of cooked Paleolithic diets at this site. In the site author's own words:
"Beyond Vegetarianism: transcending outdated dogmas.  Reports from veterans of vegetarian and raw-food diets, veganism, fruitarianism, and instinctive eating, plus new science from paleolithic diet research and clinical nutrition."

Already listed in links above on Paleo diets, The Paleolithic Diet website covers all types and versions of Paleolithic diets, including both cooked and raw, and anything in-between. This is a very comprehensive website, with literally hundreds of good links to sites and pages on these topics, including wild foraging, Paleo recipes and more.  In the site author's own words: "www.PaleoDiet.com - The Paleolithic Diet Page; What the Hunter/Gatherers Ate".

Sites which offer resources for inner growth, emotional self-management, or related topics:

Opening the Heart, Finding More Inner Freedom and Vitality
For some highly effective tools and techniques for opening the heart, becoming more free, creating the life you want, and reaching greater spiritual freedom, please check out my HeartRelease website, at http://www.heartrelease.com!

Remote Spiritual Healing with Vinny Pinto
The Divine-Heart website, at http://www.divine-heart.org, shares information about my heart-centered remote spiritual healing work.  This work involves no contact (called "non-contact" or nonlocal) and is done remotely.  It may seem odd that I, having trained as a scientist and researcher (and also as an electronics engineer), would also offer spiritual healing, but I also have a very strong training background in acupuncture and energy healing.  However, I now offer only non-contact spiritual healing, and feel that it is this work (far more than my research work or raw foods educational work) which most "makes my heart sing".

Recommendation for a Very Powerful and Effective Remote Energy Healer: Jerry Wills 
As you may already know, I wear several hats, and, in addition to being a consulting scientist, a mystic and an intuitive, I am also a remote spiritual healer, and have had a website devoted to my spiritual healing work since the year 2000. Largely because of that website, I have made the acquaintance of a great many remote spiritual healers and remote energy healers from around the world over the past 15 years; some of them have also performed remote healing treatments on me.

And, as some of you may recall, for many years, whenever I had been approached by people asking for my recommendation of the most powerful and effective remote energy healer for physical problems of whom I was aware, I always recommended Australian energy healer Ron Wilding; I also had a recommendation for Ron's remote energy healing work, along with a link to his healing website, on several of my websites. 

Well, Ron Wilding was quite advanced in years, and he passed away in October 2013. Since the time that Ron Wilding became essentially unavailable for remote energy healing work, many people have asked me if there was some other remote energy healer in the world whom I could recommend as strongly as I had recommended Ron Wilding. For a number of months, I was unable to recommend any particular remote energy healer to these inquirers who stood out in my mind as a suitable "replacement" for Ron Wilding. 

However, in each case where I was asked, I promised that I would continue looking for a remote energy healer whose work was at least as powerful and effective as Ron Wilding's had been, and I surrendered the entire matter to Divinity, asking to be guided, at the right time, to such a remote energy healer; I was, in turn, advised by Divinity and by my angels that the matter would be taken care of by June of 2014. 

Well, Divinity came through in fulfilling my request in early March of 2014. Through an extremely unlikely and circuitous route, one filled with bizarre synchronicities, I became aware recently of the existence of a remote energy healer in Arizona named Jerry Wills, who also happens to be a very colorful character (he became well-known at one point as a UFO and alien contactee, and he also leads guided tours to sacred and mysterious places in Peru). 

Once I had learned of Jerry and his remote energy healing work, I was nudged by Divinity to approach him to ask him for a remote energy healing session, which I had in early March of 2014 (he does his work while talking with his client on the phone for the duration of the approximately 30 to 90 minute session). I can tell you that Jerry's remote energy healing work is, in my estimation, even more powerful and more effective than was that of the aforementioned Australian remote energy healer Ron Wilding. 

Now, it takes a lot for me to make such a statement, for I know, or have known, hundreds of remote energy healers, and many of them have done some work on me over the years. However, the bottom line is that I feel, based upon my own experience, and also upon inner guidance from Divinity, that Jerry Wills is a remote energy healer whose work is at least as powerful and effective as was the remote energy healing work of Ron Wilding. You may find Jerry's energy healing website here: www.jerrywills.com

[For full transparency, I want to note here that I never receive any kind of compensation, commission or remuneration in return for my recommendations from any of the remote healers or intuitives whom I may recommend on my websites.]

Sungazing, aka sun gazing, solar gazing or sun staring -- Yes, staring at the sun, also known as sun gazing or solar yoga; this has been practiced throughout the ages within a number of cultures and traditions. I (the author of this site) have been sungazing since 1987.  Although this is hardly a necessary practice for spiritual growth, for some people, even a bit of sun (see the page for information on how it is done) may help to improve health and make spiritual opening easier. For more information on sungazing, including some well-known folks in the field and also the different traditions, please see the page on this website entitled Sungazing -- Observations and Notes

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