Further Notes on Water Ionizers and 
High Strength Electrolyzed Reduced Water

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This article offers further notes on countertop water ionizers, filtration of water in the ionizers, and consumption of reduced electrolyzed water (also known as "alkaline ionized water"), including consumption of high-strength electrolyzed reduced water with an ORP stronger than -550 mv., and, in some cases, with an ORP stronger than -800 mv.

As you are probably aware from reading other articles on this website, I feel that ingesting structured, clustered water which contains the H-minus ion is highly beneficial, and that it may well come close to replicating the kind of water which our ancestors likely had access to. This ionized water supplies copious quantities of the H-minus ion, which is a primitive, primal, primal, primeval and primordial antioxidant.  Incidentally, there are other ways of structuring or clustering water which do not necessarily involve large amounts of the H-minus ion, and for more information on those methods (which, however, do not impart the antioxidant benefit of the H-minus ion), see the article on this site on additives which purportedly make water more structured and clustered.

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Recommendations on Brands and Models of Countertop Flow-thru Ionizers

As far as kitchen countertop flow-thru water ionizers go, I believe that the Jupiter Technos ionizer is probably one of the best buys, primarily because of issues of economy and performance, and, as of this writing, have been using one for 2 1/2 years in a souped-up setup for making highly charged water (highly charged with the H-minus ion).  I feel that the quality of the Jupiter Technos and the "alkaline" water from it is as good as the machines in this category (kitchen countertop flow-thru water ionizer which hook up to the faucet) which sell for $1,400 or more.  The only way to make stronger "alkaline" clustered water (or, more properly electrolyzed reduced water, or ERW) is to purchase a batch-type water ionizer.  More details on this topic are provided on other pages on this site!

Notes on Filtration

I sometimes am asked questions about the degree of particulate filtration needed in countertop flow-thru water ionizers. Since I feel that the primary purpose of such filters should only be to remove gross particulate matter and sediment which might clog or contaminate the ionizing chamber or ionizing electrodes, I do not feel that a high degree of particulate filtration is needed, nor is it important.  In my own situation, I do not particularly need the filter, and in any case, am not particularly concerned about ultra-fine filtration of my drinking water.  In fact, since I live in the mountains in a wilderness area, and have the luxury of drinking water from a mountain well, I usually do not filter my drinking water at all.  Even for folks living in cities where municipal water may be chlorinated or fluoridated, since these are not particles, but rather chemicals, these are not removed to a greater degree by a finer filter.  Therefore, for myself, and I suspect, for many folks, the fineness of particulate filtration may not be a particularly important issue.  Indeed, all a particulate filter will remove is usually only bacteria, some viruses, and some types of mud and dirt.  I actually appreciate having some of these things in my diet!  After all, or ancestors drank these things in their water for millions of years!

Notes On My Souped-up Flow-Thru Ionizer for Producing Ultra-Strong ERW
Although I primarily use my Super Oxide tabletop batch-mode water ionizers to produce high strength (with an ORP stronger than -550) electrolyzed reduced water (ERW), I have been asked several questions about my souped-up flow-thru ionizer for producing ultra-strong ERW as well.  Here goes: 

My souped-up flow-thru water ionizer system, which employs a 5 gallon water reservoir holding pre-mixed slightly salted water, a $1,000 digital microprocessor-controlled metering pump (user may adjust pump flow precisely from 0.05 gallons per minuter to 20 gallons/minute via a control panel with digital flow readout) and a souped up-Jupiter Technos ionizer, was my very first water ionizer setup, which I constructed for research purposes and to make ultra-strong water for my own consumption over two years ago.  That setup produces water with an ORP of about -790 mv as  opposed to water with an ORP of -152 mv from the unmodified Jupiter Technos hooked up to my cold water faucet.  This is an increase in free electrons and in antioxidant power of  over a million-fold!  Shortly after constructing this experimental device, I then purchased two models of the batch-type water ionizers (the Super Oxide Labo and the Super Oxide Mini, from Ion and Light in San Francisco), which can produce even more powerful electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) showing an ORP of -837 mv or greater.  From that point onward I used only the Super Oxide batch devices to produce water for my own consumption, and the large Rube Golberg assembly using the modified Jupiter Technos was then relegated to duty in lab research and occasional demonstrations for visitors (e.g."This machine can make 5 gallons every 3 minutes of ultra-powerful electrolyzed reduced water!"), as well as filling 5 gallon buckets of the water for use by friends. 

Non-Electrolytic Means of Producing Reduced Water (RW)

Now, a teaser: there are actually NUMEROUS other ways of creating H-minus ions in water, and without electricity/electrolysis, and often without the artificial corollary of high alkalinity as well.  These methods yield water commonly referred to as "reduced water", or RW.  However, many of these methods really cannot get the H-minus concentration to a place where the resultant ORP is much stronger than -300 mv.  There are a few that can go much further.

More Notes on Using ERW as a Dietary Nutritional Supplement

This section has been written in response to questions from several folks about how folks use ionized water as a dietary supplement.  I do indeed drink ERW (so-called "alkaline water") as a daily supplement to my diet, to supply the quantities of the H- ion as a primitive, primal, primeval, primordial antioxidant.  For the same reason, I also take about 1/2 caplet of  MegaH™ (aka MegaH™) dissolved in water twice per day.  Back when I was on a cooked diet, not only was my ERW intake much higher, but my MegaH™ (aka MegaH™) intake was far higher, from the equivalent of 4 caplets (dissolved in lots of water) per day to 25 caplets per day.  If that sounds excessive, please recall that I was doing research at the time on the H- ion in the human diet in my laboratory; I also had CFS and fibromyalgia, and appreciated the relief and the extra energy offered by ERW and the MegaH™ (aka MegaH™).

Can You Overdose on Ultra-Strong ERW?

I believe I have finally gotten to the point, only after I passed the benchmark of being on a RVAF diet for about 6 months, where I have occasionally overdosed on the ultra-strong ERW (that is, in this case, ERW with an ORP of about -830 mv).  Nowadays, I drink only 2-3 ounces of the ultra-strong ERW (mixed in 10 ounces of tap water) 3 times per day.  Any stronger or more frequent dose would result in headaches and neckaches.  However on the other hand, back in the days when I was eating a fairly clean and healthful cooked diet (and ingesting lots of supplements), I daily drank over 0.6 gallons per day of the ultra-strong ERW (in addition to 0.4 gallons of tap water), and even that was not too much for me!  In fact, the primary effect was that found that I had 3 extra hours of energy per day, and needed 3 hours less of sleep per nite!  However, as I stayed on the RVAF diet, my intuition started to warn me to decrease my amount of the ultra-strong ERW.  I am still able to drink unlimited amounts of weaker ERW.  For example, I often drink the "alkaline" ionized water from kitchen countertop flow-thru water ionizer devices (the Jupiter Technos, also the Microwater device), and the water from these devices shows an ORP of about -145 mv to - 200 mv.  I drink unlimited amounts of this (weaker) water with no ill effects, and only positive effects.  I suspect this would remain true for me at this time with ERW with an ORP up to about -390.  Anything stronger would take a bit of caution, as noted above, now that I am on a totally raw diet.

It is my observation that the so-called species of "active hydrogen", when found in water, are also often linked to so-called ormus forms of various elements or to ormus-like energies. If you wish to read about a device which I have built which employs magnets and magnetite sand to apparently induce creation of ormus-type forms of elements in water, please check out my Ormus Water website at http://ormuswater.vpinf.com/

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